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Kangaroo Valley Seniors Accommodation and Support Group


The Kangaroo Valley Seniors Accommodation and Support Committee was established in 2011 with the purpose of establishing suitable seniors accommodation in Kangaroo Valley.  Some Valley residents have lived here virtually all their life, often on large acreage.  As they age, some can no longer manage their property. Because there is no suitable accommodation within Kangaroo Valley they sometimes have to make the difficult decision to leave the Valley, thereby losing the intimacy of their friends and neighbours and all that is familiar to them.  They have to establish themselves in some very unfamiliar environment among strangers, many of whom are likely to have very different life experiences.  This can be an extremely upsetting and traumatic occurrence.  A small complex of Independent Living Units would go some way to alleviate this issue.

By means of a series of articles in the Valley Voice the Committee has undertaken the role of keeping seniors informed of what assistance is available to them and informing them of relevant issues.  In so doing it is hoped people will be able to stay in their homes for longer than might otherwise be the case.


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