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Directory Listings


To be eligible for listing on the Kangaroo Valley community website directory:

a) The entity must one of the following:

  • a community group
  • a health or wellbeing practice / practitioner
  • a local retailer, food outlet or producer
  • a local tourist related enterprise, or
  • a local tradesman or professional in business.

b) The entity being listed must be based in or undertaken the majority of its business in Kangaroo Valley or its close surrounding areas.


Required Information

If you, your business or your organisation fulfils these criteria please forward us as much as of the following information by email to or  as appropriate:

Name - Name of organisation, business or person

Phone / Fax number / Email address / Website / Address

Teaser  - A one to two line introduction.

Description - A longer and fuller description of what your entity does.  Feel free to use any formatting you like including text fonts, layout and colour.

Logo and / or photos


Free Web pages and emails

Please tell us if you want to have separate pages for your entity and if wish to be able to update them and the events page yourselves.  You will provide you with a username / password for access to modify your information / pages and training as necessary.

Emails for example <YourEntity> are available free of charge and can used via the Webmail link, as a pop account in your email program or simply forwarded to an existing email.  

Click here for a printable version of this information on creating your own directory listing